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As our client, you don’t have to try and find time to come to the office. Nor do you have to schedule time off to waste driving before work, during your lunch hour, or even after work to sit in front of us in our office. Tax season is not a visit to the doctor office. Instead, we would like for you to take advantage of our virtual office capabilities, which allows our clients to experience the tax season or our accounting services with far less stress and anxiety.

Why should clients waste their valuable time waiting when they can carry on with their normal routine of working, sleeping, shopping, being in class, studying, etc.? We can download your uploaded documents from our secure & encrypted Client Portal, figure your taxes, upload the completed return into your individual private client folder and notify you via e-mail or text (client’s preference) when the return is completed for their review.  Clients have access to their personal Client Folder 24/7. Even if we need additional documentation, we can notify you through the portal, no problem, just upload the document(s) when it is retrieved, and we will know immediately. We offer the same convenience for our consulting meetings. You can schedule an appointment to meet via video conference.   No need to find time during the day to sit in the office.

TaxDome Mobile App for Apple / iOS

TaxDome Mobile App for Android

The TaxDome Desktop Applications (Windows & macOS)
Note: The TaxDome Desktop Applications do not replicate the functionality of the TaxDome web app. Instead, they are intended to make the uploading process even easier thanks to integration with your operating system.

For Windows 10
See "Downloading and Installing the Application"

For macOS
See "Downloading and Installing the Application"

How to Start Using TaxDome as a Client